Its Not Easy

Living like Him, is not easy. Maybe to some it is, but to me it ain’t. He was indeed perfect, with no blemish of sin.

I am usually enclosed, but lately, there is just something with me that makes we want to share my experiences as a believer with the world.

Am letting you in on my salvation journey so that you see it doesn’t make you “perfect” as such but it truly transforms and renews your mind. I have come across people who don’t like saved people because they think we are pretenders. Well, being saved doesn’t make you are less of a human. It doesn’t mean you will not slip sometimes and sin. If you have read my journey from before I became a believer, you will realize I also had that foolish mindset. Fighting against my flesh has been a hurdle. On a number of occasions, I find myself contributing to gossip, complaining, having a negative attitude etc. Struggling with forgiving someone who has messed up your life can also be a burden on this walk because you get spite, anger, resentment,grudge etc in your system hence letting the GIGO effect take its toll on you.

See what salvation does to you is that it makes you so couscous about right and wrong. So anytime you slip,the Holy Spirit speaks to you and you just can’t ignore His voice.

Salvation truly comes at a price.Yes,Jesus paid the price, but we have a price to pay. We pay the price through labor. Laboringimages (1) through meditating His word and keeping His word in our hearts and not in our heads.Ignorance is lack of heart knowledge of His word and I have learnt that it is more costly to pay the price of ignorance. If you think its costly to disobey or ignore try disobedience and ignorance.

His word is a sword that we all need to be armored with. So that’s what’s on my plate now. I am labouring hard. Its the only way I can fight this on and off anger, this resentment, this complaining, this etc. The book of Romans tells me that I am a conqueror and that there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ. The serpent has distorted my life, interfered with my dreams literally (nightmares ), distorted what I thought was the best thing I got on Aug16 but I thank God for continuously revealing all these to me and giving me a revelation.

We need to ask God to disconnect us from anyone who is not ordained in our life,any unfriendly friends (pretenders ),disconnect us from our past,disconnect us from anything and anyone sent to digress us from our faith,from God.

Am not going back,only growing strong in the Lord and not afraid to say it and before you say anything, its only God who judges 🙂

And so I sing; For your Glory I will do anything, just to see you, to behold you as my King.
For Your Glory by Jaye Thomas

So friends, walk with me on this journey as I share with you my challenges, experiences, encouragement, anointed words etc.


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