Running through the Storm

This month of August has been the coldest ever.I mean the weather has been so bad,definitely not my kind of weather but we thank God for His continuous favor.I will need to buy myself a big Bunny to keep me warm before my husband replaces it 🙂

Anyway, so in the midst of the cold weather outside I decided to watch two movies that  my best friend gave me.She told me that she saw my life in those movies and thought ad really relate with them and man was she right on the bulls eye! The two movies were Christian Mingle and Am in love with a church girl.On my blog, I had posted sometime in 2014 about rejection by people due to not being a believer. See the girl in Christian Mingle was me before salvation.Well not everything about her but most aspects.

Don’t assume you’re a believer just because you are a Christian and your parents took you to church and you know God. I learnt that the hard way. I also learnt that it’s not good for believers to put themselves on a pedestal as if they are righteous than the rest who ain’t believers. As I watched Christian Mingle, I couldn’t help but relate with the movie on a deep level.I mean have you ever had your life experience played out for you? I give credit to the producer of that movie, he/she must have been led by the Holy Spirit.It also made me actualize James 1:2…consider pure joy when you are facing trials of all kind,for the testing of your faith develops perseverance, and perseverance has to do its work to make you mature and complete not lacking anything, and I guess thats what its doing to me.So am not there yet. Sometimes God puts people in our lives to make as snap back to reality.The reality being the existence of a far much greater power that we cannot be able to fathom.I’m-In-Love-With-A-Church-Girl-33 As for the other movie, I saw a bit of me in Ja rule(btw he is such a good actor) and a bit of me in the chic.

All in all,am definitely keeping those two movies for keeps just as a reminder of how far I h ave come.Am still not yet their but I know Gods purpose for me is much greater than I can ever imagine. I Know the pain in me that’s clouding my destiny shall come to pass for my grace is sufficient for God and my strength shall be made perfect in my weakness.

In the midst of the hurricane and the storms I found my strength.I turned my life around and made it work.

So hey, push on and keep running through the storm with God.


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