Self Check

At the beginning half of this year, though troubled, I was quit happy because I thought I had something I have always wanted going on. As a new believer, I went into a three day partial prayer and fasting. What I learned after is that once you allow God to do His will, He will restructure your life, put your plans aside, soughta like organize how everything should be, put stuff in place and in order. It felt like drawing a data flow diagram that am very sure is right only for my lecturer to re-draw the correct version which is far from what I had in mind. I am at that point where I am still trying to figure out what God is drawing. For real, I am. I have been able to join some dots together, but there is more to it.  See many are the plans in a mans heart but its Gods purpose that prevails. Although it was painful at that time when God was doing the restructuring, what kept me going is that I knew that He was doing it for my best. It somehow felt like how our parents deny us junk food because they know it’s not good for our health. I have come to learn that God is in the process.

Yet again, I am embarking on another journey, a three day fast to cleanse my spirit.I have never tried this kind of fasting but I was compelled by the Spirit to do so. I believe God will give me the grace and strength to complete this journey. Prayer and fasting to me is not a routine religious act that I do but more of a complete release and surrender to God to allow him to have His way in me, to talk to me, to open my eyes, to break all strongholds in my life, to show me what it is that am doing wrong and what  to do next, to fill me with the Holy Spirit so that He may guide me, mold me and teach me to become the person that He intended me to be and not the person I want to be. I am definitely not my own, I was paid for at a price and that is why I must honor God with my body. I nPraying woman handseed God in my life more than ever. The most important thing that I realized is that I need to work tipple hard on myself before I can again let in someone else.

I obviously do want to get  married one day which I believe is a desire that most of us singles have, well unless you want to be a nun or a priest which again is a calling, you just don’t wake up one morning and decide. See I want to be the most awesome wife to my husband, to be the best woman he could ever have, to be by his side no matter what is going on in his life.The kind of woman who when I love my husband ,he is the king of my castle and  I honor him and though he is not God, I know he is the head of my household. To be the kind of woman that will submit fully to him and not because I am weak but because I am strong in my faith, the kind of woman that would make him the best man he can ever possible be. To be the woman that ushers him into his destiny and so on. Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.The proverbs 31:30 woman.To be a strong God fearing woman and not to stumble. What commends a woman to God is not outward beauty, it is a woman who fears the Lord. So yes, I am not only cleansing my spirit, but I am also working on myself. To be the best version of myself. Of course I know it is not easy hence easier said than done, that’s why I am aware I cannot do it by my own strength but by Gods’ for we can do all things through God who strengthen us.

In conclusion, I am glad that my posts have encouraged some of you guys and am grateful for your feedback. Continue to stay tuned to my Tales for more uplifting, encouraging , educating posts plus much more.


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