The Holy Spirit and Choosing a Mate: Part 1

I remember sharing this one night after class with my friend Thitu and I told him how I am done with randoms and just wanted someone to settle down with, a serious guy. I was 24yrs old then and Thitu would look at me like, wow. I wouldn’t have changed my thought process given another chance to be 24 again but I guess my mind is more refined now. What I would’ve wished for though is to have the info that I have now. Probably, I would have done things more differently and not fallen in a dark pit like I did. Even though, I am continuing to learn that all things work together for good to those who love God, who are called according to His purpose.

Now more than ever, I am determined to learn how to choose my love, Gods’ way and I most definitely want to share with you my findings. Never again do I want to lean on my own understanding, never again do I want to conform to the standards of this world that define people by their physical appearance. He might be the TDH you have always dreamt of but inside him is a snare of thorns.

If the same applies to you, do not hesitate to delve into part one of this series and I promise you, you shall be transformed. I would like to share with you something by Pastor Henry Wright that really continued to empower me spiritually. Like I always and will continue to say, anointed words are the greatest avenue to spiritual empowerment and that has been my testimony and mantra.part 1

Moving on, the choice you make for a person to date, engage or marry is a reflection of your spiritual level at that time you make a choice. A person who is not really spiritual has no business getting married. True to this, the kind of man I would have dated two years ago is different form the guy I would want to date now. Two years ago I would have been okay dating a guy who parties, gobbles down alcohol etc. Yes, I was messed up like that before I became a believer. I was  a worldly person conformed to worldly standards, a Goth and a die hard rock fanatic, yeap that was me. My turning point was December 2012, where my life took a turn and God began calling me. Two years later, my spiritual level at this point would not allow me because God continues to renew my mind day by day. This does not mean that am there yet, no. I have miles and miles and miles to go.

See deciding who you will marry is the most spiritual decision you will ever make. The most three important decisions you will make include;

  1. Choice for God
  2. Choice for life’s work
  3. Choice for life’s mate

How you are spiritually shapes how you make those three decisions.


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