The Holy Spirit and Choosing a Mate: Part 2

People often make decisions on a life’s partner on stuff that is not worth it e.g. “they make me happy”, “we have fun together” etc. That is just surface stuff. You need to get below the surface because you are about to make the most important decision in your life. A day will come when you will be so mad, so angry with each other and not laugh or have fun together and if you do not have God’s Spirit in you, you will not survive.

This decision must be spiritual, not emotional. Many people have chosen a mate before choosing Jesus and then later on want Jesus to fix their mistakes.part 2

Proverbs 27: 17: As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. When you are mixing with people, you have to be led into those non-binding relationships by the Spirit. If you spend your time hob nobbing with fools, you are not going to choose a wise person to marry. You will rationalize yourself into marrying a fool. If you spend your time with secular people, don’t think you are going to suddenly choose a spiritual mate. If you spend your time with folk outside the church, you will probably marry someone outside the church.

The Holy Spirit heightens your discernment. Don’t get me wrong my reader. See no one is against you having friends outside the church, but let your relationships be guided by spiritual principles. So this idea of a relationship sharpening you has to do with does this relationship that you are in make you more effective, efficient, able, a better person etc. I mean does this friend make you more effective, efficient etc. Have you ever taken time to evaluate your relationship with others, probably those you call your friends? In this case, we are focusing on your boyfriend/girlfriend. Are they making you more effective and the like? If the relationship has already driven you to compromise before it becomes a marriage…If the relationship is not moving you to a higher spiritual plain, then you are kidding yourself, to say I feel so good with them.


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