The Holy Spirit and Choosing a Mate: Part 3

When you can say, as a result of meeting this person, my relationship and walk with God is growing stronger, keep on walking. The key to a healthy relationship is balancing of strengths and weaknesses. So if you are getting involved with someone you need to ask yourself these question; what do they bring in the relationship that helps you, that lifts you? Look at the person you are spending time with and ask yourself if the worst thing you know about this person does not change, can you live with it for the next 40 years. If you can’t live with it, back out.

More often than not you find people saying “If only I knew”. A person who is praying and seeking the Lord and living right with themselves, the Lord gives you sign


als way ahead of time. He gives you a discerning Spirit to know. So you acted as if you did not see the signs just because you wanted the person.

What does your partner bring to the table besides looks; they fade, property, degrees, etc. What spiritual quality do they bring to the table? Remember, it is the Spirit of God that heightens you spiritual understanding.

2Corinthians 6:14-15: Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers… I wrote a short post on this here , and promised to expound on it later.

That later is now. The choice you make on a mate reflects your spiritual level at that time. Only get tied up /enter into a relationship with folk of your spiritual level. Do not drop the bar of your standards for the sake of having someone in your life. This does not only apply to marriage, but also your close affiliations. Ask yourself whether the relationship brings you closer to God.

Where a man offers to take you out on a date can tell you something , how the person spend their time can tell you something, how the person spends their money will tell you something etc. Money is an expression of priorities, of goals and of character.

God is kind and has taken many bad marriage matches and made them better. Don’t confuse God’s mercy with His approval.


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