The Holy Spirit and Choosing a Mate: Part 4

Most of you if you study your relationships, you’ve tended to be attracted to the same kind of person all the time. When you are dealing with a person with a different belief system, if your priority is not introducing them to the way of life you live, then probably you are not really dedicated to the way of life you live. Personally, I believe that sometimes a man who is a believer can fall in love with a woman who is not a believer but she has something inside her that thirsts for God, and if this man leads her to his way of life, they can sharpen each other. A man who is a believer in this case falls in love with a non-believer because of the spiritual level that he is in at that point. But I still believe that if both parties put Christ at the center, He shall steer their path.hs

Aperson who can calmly marry someone outside the church is probably living part of their lives outside the church unless they have made a priority with that person living outside the church that they come to know they church.

Is the Holy Spirit your guide in your relationships?

Do not get desperate and do not let an age beside your name intimidate you. AGE ain’t got nothing to do with being ready to get married. What makes you ready is CONNECTION to the Lord who created you and the person you are involved with.

Folks, I hope that this series will enlighten you and help you make the Holy Spirit a major participant in your life, decisions etc.


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