House on a Hill

Every year ends with its own baggage. I remember when I used to always hope for the New Year to be better than the previous, every time I put up my December blogs. But there is no time it ever ended well except for last year, Dec 2014 because I guess I was with the one who made my world rotate on its axis.So I close this year with my 100th post to encourage you all as well as myself. Yes, I cant believe I have written 100 posts 🙂

This year has been the worst ever though, but interesting to note is, I thank God. Yes I do, because in the midst of the hurricane I found my strength and I drew closer to God and oh men I cannot begin to tell you how much he has opened my eyes in so many ways  some of  which I have blogged about.  He has revealed to me how He is a God who fulfills His promises. This has made me trust Him even when my strength fails and my faith is worn or even when I don’t understand.

One of the ways that God revealed His promise to me was when I was house hunting. So many events had overwhelmed me and all I wanted was to get away, to find my own peace. I had suffered too much for sure. I did not know where to run or where the money would come from. I remember walking in Thika Road Mall getting a few stuff which I thought I needed for a house which I didn’t have by then(am telling you, hope for the unseen). I was running low on cash but I kept saying to myself, the Lord is my provider. I kept chanting these words over and over.

I prayed to God to show me where to go where to relocate to. I had my own desires which were to live at a central place where I could get to town in a jiffy and still get to work with no hustle. Well, that was just my desire but I asked for Gods will to prevail and surpass my desires.  Little by little, God begun renewing my mind and I started hunting for a house in the last place I thought I would or rather the last town I wanted to ever live in.  I finally got a big house which I thought was affordable and which I thought was close enough to the road and I  made up my mind to pay a deposit for it. Just when I was about to make arrangements to pay for it, I was told that all the vacant houses had already been taken. I got discouraged and wondered what God’s plan really was because I thought the house I had gotten was from Him. I decided not to give up and began the quest again, in search for another house. I was told by the broker I had hired that I would not get any house close to the road since all were occupied. So I decided to do my own hunting and ditch the broker.It was now God and I hunting.

I stumbled upon a really good apartment that was close to the road and even though I thought there was no way I would get a vacant house, I decided to just ask. Just so you know, I have no idea how I decided to check out that apartment because we were just driving along the road with my friend and told him to stop the car so that I can check out the apartment.  Coincidentally, I found the perfect house, the exact house that I wanted in that very apartment and it had just been vacated hours ago.

The Landlord was also present and decided to keep the house for me even though I had no money.  In summary, I realized that God had given me exceedingly, abundantly above all that I can ever ask or  imagine according to His power that is and works within me Eph.3:20. I am saying this because that house had come with a lot of blessings that none of the other houses had. I knew it was not by my strength, No, that was God. If you are a believer you can understand the things of the spirit and you will know when God is on the move.

To some, this story might not seem like a big deal, but to me it was a revelation and it’s something that God keeps reminding me about every time I lose hope on His promises and I believe He used this experience to teach me on the same. See every time am struggling with making a decision and battling against my desires vs. Gods desires, am reminded that provided I let God’s will prevail, He will direct my path, He will close the doors of my will (same way he did with the house I thought I liked). He will renew my mind into accepting His will (same way He changed my focus to liking a town I never thought ad ever want to live in) and He will do exceedingly, abundantly, above all I can ever ask or imagine, according to His power that is and works within me (same way He did by giving me a house that I never imagined to have, and did I mention that it was way cheaper than the rest).

Sometimes my future is so unsure and sometimes my heart is afraid but I draw my comfort from knowing God. I am currently battling against my desires and am yet to Know God’s will. In fact what am battling with is bigger than me and I was literally crying out to God the other day because I was actually mad at Him. I was telling Him that I don’t understand what He wants are what was happening because it was something I never expected.  I was at the verge of losing hope; I mean my doubt was washing my hope away. It was almost 1am and I was looking up wondering if He was listening to me or was I too melodramatic for Him at that time. He then spoke to me. God speaks in so many ways I tell you and when He does, you cannot fail to recognize His voice when you listen keenly. He then told me to lean on His everlasting arms when my strength fails and my faith is worn. He will hold me up and never let me go.

I know our flesh is weak but our spirit is willing, hold on, God will rescue you. I hope that He shall reveal to me again this time round. I am certain that he will not leave me now that I need him the most for He is not man.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.


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