Revealing 2016

Screams,Shouts,Ululations(African Celebration) fill up the air at 12 midnight as Kenyans usher in the new year 2016. As I write this post,I can still hear the celebrations fading away as people come to a realization that 2016 has been birthed and is now setting in. Unfortunately, there were no fire works.
I chose to kick in 2016 in a special place. In church. Heather Lindsey earlier in the day reminded me that
2016 will be no different than 2015 unless you renew your mind and pursue Christ and not sin. Just because a new year changed, doesn’t mean that you did.
It was the best new years eve I have had in a while. I could feel Gods presence as the anointed preacher lead us through prayers of restoration which contained very powerful prayer points.As the atmosphere outside burst with screams and laughter,the atmosphere in church was filled with anointing as we the congregants shot up powerful prayer points that flowed over to the new year. Suddenly the Holy Spirit filled the place and I could feel Gods presence and all of a sudden silence took over, followed by a wave of prayers that were projected through whispers and tears. Tears fell down my cheeks as I talked to my Father.
Sudden movements steered panic as wierd noises started coming out of one of us..That was my first encounter with possession. The pastor commanded the demon to come out in Jesus name.
I could see some people running away.As I stood there, puzzled, the only words that could come out of my mouth were…as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,I shall fear no evil…no joke.
All in all,God’s favor shall be bestowed upon me and my destiny will not be stagnated in Jesus Name.That was an awesome ushering.

May God Bless Your 2016 and all strongholds erected by the devil in your life be dissolved in Jesus Name


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