Valentines Day 2016

Valentine’s Day is an awesome day. A day to celebrate love. I always have to put up a post on this day just because I can and also because I am a hopeless romantic (hides face). Since I have explained over and over again why I love this day in my previous posts, I will not delve much into it. Keep in mind this time around am a monocotyledon (single), but no pressure, still loving this day because He fills me up.

I love the fact that Valentines Day will always be a special day for me regardless of my relationship status.

So today will be no different, am putting up a short post this time to recognize this day of love and let you in on what I have been up to.goodman5

If you think I am alone this month of love, you are more than mistaken. I might be a young, single, lovely lady, haha, living alone (will soon put up a post on how living alone is taking me), but I am definitely not alone. This month of love, is all about Him. I often get mad at Him, throw tantrums at Him, and refuse to talk to Him. See I get to be myself around Him without worrying what He is going to think about me because regardless, I know He still loves me. But I try to be obedient, don’t get me wrong. He is amazing because despite of my unfaithfulness (when my faith is worn), He still remains faithful, reminds me of His promises and actually keeps them. Ladies, have you ever encountered a man who would do that? As in makes a promise to you and actually reminds you of the promise and keeps it? Well, if you have such a man, thank God for him, some of us have never been that lucky. Hence why I am glad I have one whom I know would never leave me, never put me to shame and is always faithful among so many other attributes.

Celebrate your man, celebrate your lady. Enjoy this day, its on a weekend for crying out loud. Let it be two way, give each other 100% and let it set pace for the rest of the year just in case your love had been fading for some reason. Valentines can also be spread across board, show your love to the fatherless, the widows, the orphans, the street children, the sick etc. I am praying that God will give me more grace to do this too. Above all, remember though to keep God at the center.


I celebrate Him who is in my life this Valentine. The one who is all three in one (from my previous post). Yes, He is my Valentine this 2016.






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