My Living Stone

There are days in my life when I feel worn out,distressed and faithless. Yes,I know am born again,I love the LORD,I love Jesus and ohh,how much I cherish the Holy Spirit. But then the devil just decides to dart his flaming arrows at me till I go like, hey Lord,you there? Are you seeing this? Are you listening? Haaaalloooo? Then there is Boloji(awesome mortal)  psyching me but then my gold fish side kicks in and I forget.

One thing I have learnt though and still learning is that in all my weakness,I find my strength in the name of Jesus. He lifts me up I feel 10 feet tall and standing with Him I can never fall. Life is a journey 40 days and 40 nights,we need God’s supernatural strength to survive (I blogged on this read part 1&2 Strength).

In my weakness,I sought God and had a date night with Him on a Friday night.Turned all my electronics off.Just Him and me. He told me that most of my worries are unnecessary and counter productive.He als warned me not to live at the level of my perceptions,not to react emotionally to what I think is happening even when it differs from reality.He knows I do this a lot. God actually does speak. Read Job 33:14 ,I kid you not.

I also received a revelation in 1Peter 2:4. That because I believe,I know how precious my Living Stone. But to those who don’t,they stumble on the stone because they disobey the message which they were destined for. Believers and non believers were destined for this message. The non believers are builders who have rejected the cornerstone. Heck we all know how important the cornerstone is.It is a stone that forms the base of a corner of a building,joining two walls. Without it,buildings cannot stand.

We are all builders.Christ is our cornerstone.We build our lives with Him. Without Him,our lives fall apart. Now you try building your life without my Living Stone,My cornerstone. Don’t says I didn’t warn you.

Baraka tele.


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