5 Lessons Learnt in 2016

It is never an easy task to get back on your feet after prolonged mental torture,but there is no other way out,you just have to put on your adult pants hold on to God for dear life and carry on. Because of my human frailty,I often catch myself thinking about the past,but instead of wallowing in self pity and bitterness, I shrug it off and remind my self that all things worked for my good,and the more God continues to renew my perspective, the more am glad things happened the way they did. My struggle to get healing for my broken heart and start my career by letting go and letting God has molded my perspective of life and from that,here are my lessons learnt from 2016.Each lesson comes with thanks giving.

1. My number one lesson is Never trust mortals. They are as frail as breath. Even the word of God forbids the trusting of humans. I do not trust in words of love, promises (jobs,favors etc.)I have learnt that humans will always let you down and hardly keep promises. That’s just me,and again it’s a lesson learnt. 

So I have learnt to guard my heart,had I not had a broken heart,I would still be naive,thinking I could trust anybody who comes my way and offers me a promising future. Had I not been let down by people whom I thought would assist me to progress in my career or at least get another job(I hated my job), I would still be dependent on those friends or relatives in high places. 

Well,there is a level of trust,not 100%, that I believe can be accorded to humans,but only when they are able to pass the ultimate test of time.We all agree on that I presume. 

2.I have learnt to be more self sufficient and trust God for my daily provision. It’s been a year and 2months since I moved out of my folks place. I have learnt to trust God for my bills,it’s been tough lol!I really needed to know some of that stuff before I someday move in with my one day husband.

3.I have learnt that genuines is far more important. A man that is genuine in his love for God and for you is far more great than a man with money and a good job.A man who can stand up for you through the storms and the raging winds. It’s exciting to meet a loving man with vision,supporting him,holding his hand as he rises from grass to grace. Ladies,this is for you; money is not everything,let that not be your number one pre requisite in your ‘man list’.

4.I have learnt that God indeed keeps His promises and makes a way where there seems to be no way at all. Sometime this year,I had almost given up on having a career.It was a struggle to trust that God would make this come to pass. I don’t know how He did it,but He made a way,when my back was against the wall,and It looked as if it was over.He moved mountains and caused walls to fall,and at the start of 2017,I shall be starting my career journey.I totally love health IT,now this I thank God. No man,no connections,no human”god fathers” ,just the work of God. 

5.I have learnt and still learning to have confidence and find rest in the finished works of Jesus. If there was ever a sermon that gave me strength to get through worry,care and stress, it’s that of Pr. Creflo Dollar. He has a n awesome series on that.Find time to check it out.

Thats that. Four more hours to bid farewell to 2016.All in all,l thank God for a year full of lessons and blessings.A Toast to 2017!!


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