Mid Year 2017

It’s amazing how days and months have gone so fast.I honestly purposed to blog from January,I don’t even know how we got to June(gasp)!!!! Goes to show you how busy I’ve been. My new career is so demanding with over the moon expectations and massive learning curves (learning procedures in medicine is not a walk in the path as I thought but it’s interesting getting to know standards like Icd10 etc.I don’t even know how I got away with designing a health system without this knowledge!)

The interesting bit is seeing God open doors. I get to present my work in Greece and China in the next few months and get to learn more in Norway for the rest of this year.Those who know me know how far I have come and I trust that God is yet to take me even further. I honestly never thought I would ever travel out of Kenya,and by flight!I was that chic who hardly ever got an opportunity to get out of Nairobi.The only time I got such an opportunity was way back in 2013 when we had a family get together in Kisii, then Eldoret(blogged my experience) and finally Karatina and Nyeri (this two places where not fun at all because I was an adjunct lecturer on the weekends and had to travel back to Nairobi on the same day.Talk about hustling for money.(This finally paid off in 2017,I was called to sign my 2014 salary after 3years lol!) ) Anyway,those were the few times l got to travel.

It’s interesting how God can change all that.Now, I get to travel within Kenya and East Africa by flight! See,this is the reason why there is an exclamation mark at the end,not only did I ever think I would get out of Kenya,but boarding a plane was even far from my imagination.I used to think of how to save the peanuts I got as my salary and probably treat myself one day(but this was never a serious thought honestly). Now that I know how much it costs,I don’t think my dreams would have ever been valid unless I saved for a year or so to get a taste of local flights. I am truly thankful to God you know. Never limit God. Am not saying that it has been easy,I still do face massive challenges but I remember asking God to set me on a mission for Him in the position He gives me and for sure,my current position NEEDS God DAILY!I kid you not.

I didn’t realize how my shift of focus changed so gradually that even one of my close friends Mercy realized it. I was so obsessed with finding Mr.right and getting married and having kids before 30. Lately,I have become one of those women who just want to work smart with God by my side and not have to depend on a man for a dime.Like I said in my previous post,I only trust in God for my needs. While stirring myself up to become a Miss Independent might not be such a good thing in the long run and I probably do need God to rescue me from this,I must admit that I am finding some comfort in it. While I love the thought of having a gentleman man surprise me or pay the bill at the restaurant or spoil me lol (I am still that girl🙈) , but then again,why not do this things for myself if I can ?

Any way,I have seen God work and He surely has left me speechless 🙈


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