One On One

Mid Year 2017

It's amazing how days and months have gone so fast.I honestly purposed to blog from January,I don't even know how we got to June(gasp)!!!! Goes to show you how busy I've been. My new career is so demanding with over the moon expectations and massive learning curves (learning procedures in medicine is not a walk … Continue reading Mid Year 2017


5 Lessons Learnt in 2016

It is never an easy task to get back on your feet after prolonged mental torture,but there is no other way out,you just have to put on your adult pants hold on to God for dear life and carry on. Because of my human frailty,I often catch myself thinking about the past,but instead of wallowing … Continue reading 5 Lessons Learnt in 2016

My Living Stone

There are days in my life when I feel worn out,distressed and faithless. Yes,I know am born again,I love the LORD,I love Jesus and ohh,how much I cherish the Holy Spirit. But then the devil just decides to dart his flaming arrows at me till I go like, hey Lord,you there? Are you seeing this? … Continue reading My Living Stone


Today: May 16th

It was supposed to be a happy day, but it wasn't. On the contrary, it was a day filled with pretense, anger, pain and frustration. That is the vivid memory I have of my previous birthday. It was the day I was to add a plus 1 to my age, but I ended up with wasted years and … Continue reading Today: May 16th


Valentines Day 2016

Valentine’s Day is an awesome day. A day to celebrate love. I always have to put up a post on this day just because I can and also because I am a hopeless romantic (hides face). Since I have explained over and over again why I love this day in my previous posts, I will … Continue reading Valentines Day 2016


Revealing 2016

Screams,Shouts,Ululations(African Celebration) fill up the air at 12 midnight as Kenyans usher in the new year 2016. As I write this post,I can still hear the celebrations fading away as people come to a realization that 2016 has been birthed and is now setting in. Unfortunately, there were no fire works. I chose to kick … Continue reading Revealing 2016


House on a Hill

Every year ends with its own baggage. I remember when I used to always hope for the New Year to be better than the previous, every time I put up my December blogs. But there is no time it ever ended well except for last year, Dec 2014 because I guess I was with the … Continue reading House on a Hill


The Holy Spirit and Choosing a Mate: Part 4

Most of you if you study your relationships, you’ve tended to be attracted to the same kind of person all the time. When you are dealing with a person with a different belief system, if your priority is not introducing them to the way of life you live, then probably you are not really dedicated … Continue reading The Holy Spirit and Choosing a Mate: Part 4


The Holy Spirit and Choosing a Mate: Part 3

When you can say, as a result of meeting this person, my relationship and walk with God is growing stronger, keep on walking. The key to a healthy relationship is balancing of strengths and weaknesses. So if you are getting involved with someone you need to ask yourself these question; what do they bring in … Continue reading The Holy Spirit and Choosing a Mate: Part 3


The Holy Spirit and Choosing a Mate: Part 2

People often make decisions on a life’s partner on stuff that is not worth it e.g. “they make me happy”, “we have fun together” etc. That is just surface stuff. You need to get below the surface because you are about to make the most important decision in your life. A day will come when … Continue reading The Holy Spirit and Choosing a Mate: Part 2