Why read Tell Tales of Boshez?

My name is Boshez and there is nothing that relieves my nerves, tension, anxiety etc. than writing. I can write all day long and it feels so darn good and refreshing.I love writing more than…(crickets) Ok. I just love writing. Some people prefer to have a drink or two or three when they are all stressed up, but as for me, writing does the trick.So besides cooking and photography my favorite Bs are Boots, Blazers, Bikes and Blogging 🙂

NIK_7945I realized in my teens that the best way for me to channel my anger, excitement, frustration, new discoveries and many other feelings is through writing. Blogging has provided me with the best platform to channel all these and the best bit about it is that I get to share the best bits globally and access my posts any time and anywhere. Yes, I do love going through my posts, it’s actually entertaining. Weird you think? Then it even gets weirder once you delve into reading my posts.

Over the years, I have experimented with different blogging styles as can be seen by my earliest articles. Having written over 70 posts, I  realized there is no one-size-fits all approach.

I am “Journal Writer” kind of  blogger .I am not promising you any laughter or incredible entertainment, but merely giving you a sneak preview of my life, my discoveries and more.

Relax and sip in to my Tales by clicking on the Smooth Talk Tab:)



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